This is where you will create the flow of the guest experience in the Landmark app, as well as add your custom graphics, and make other tailored changes to your event.

This is your workspace:

The "Start Screen" Node is required and included by default.

Different Nodes are available along the top... 

...and can be added to the flow of the event by clicking and connecting them in the workspace.

Place compatible nodes close together and they connect with an arrow that shows the flow of the user experience. 

NOTE: Nodes that are not connected will not appear in the app.

Multiple nodes' paths can converge into one subsequent node, like all these Activation Nodes can be connected to the same Share Node. 

To accomplish this, click and drag the already-placed Share Node and drop it nearby each Activation you want to connect to it.

Using this process, unique layouts can be created, specific to your event:

The controls along the right-hand side allow you to Zoom In, Zoom Out, Reset Zoom, and enter Full Video Mode.

...and below that are the Delete, Undo, and Redo functions.

Make sure to save your event!

To Save your event, click “SUBMIT” in the tray on the left.

Then click “ACCEPT” under the terms of Service. If you’re a PPU user, you know the routine.

Once saved, sync to the app by launching Landmark on the iPad, entering settings, and refreshing the events, and selecting your creation from the list.

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