A "Simple Image" is a single, standard photo activation, with the option of a green screen and/or overlay.

When creating a new Simple Image activation, you'll start in the Editor.


Always give your new activation a name. 


Green Screen is enabled by default. Keeping this enabled means that a background file is required, and that this activation will use the Green Screen settings in the application. If you're not interested in Green Screen, skip to step 4.

Upload the Background and overlay Graphics here. 


  • Backgrounds must be JPEG 
  • Overlays must be PNG with transparency
  • Output Aspect Ratio of the created content will be based on the uploaded Background
  • Maximum image resolution will be based on the uploaded background
  • Background and Overlay aspect ratios must match


You can adjust the rotation and scale of the "photo holder" for guest placement against your background and overlay, using the preview on the right-hand side.

Now, more about non-green screen simple images. If you're not interested in non-green screen setup, skip to step 7 for info on Auto-Filter.


If you Disable the Green Screen option, the placement and background options are disabled. Disabling green screen means that this photo node will not use the app's green screen settings and no background removal will occur.


When green screen is disabled, you'll set your activation's aspect ratio using the dropdown menu.


You can upload an Overlay even with Green Screen disabled. Just make sure that you are using a PNG with transparency that has the desired aspect ratio.


With or without Green Screen enabled in Simple Image, you can turn on Auto Filter for the node.

Click the Auto Filter button and you'll be given the option to select from one of the available filters. The filter selected here will be applied to every photo taken using this node.

And those are the basics of Simple Image setup!

Questions? Contact support@laphotoparty.com