The video node is where you can setup your standard or green screen videos for use in the app.

When you create a new video, you're presented with a number of options in the Video Creator.


Always name your creation. That way you can find it in your library later.


The camera selected for the event will appear here. 


If you're creating a Green Screen video with a background, you'll be able to upload a background image ( in JPEG format) and the overlay is optional (use PNG files with transparency for overlays).

Videos are automatically recorded in the default iPad camera ratio, so be sure that any graphics you upload have a ratio to match.


If you disable Green Screen you still have the option to upload an overlay (PNG, with transparency).


One of the most important settings for any video is the duration. Enter the number of seconds you want the video to record in the app.


You also have the option to Allow Guests to Stop Recording (guests will see a button during the recording that allows them to stop it whenever they want). If the guest doesn't stop the recording, it will end after the duration you set in the Length field.

You also have the option of whether to record audio or not, along with your video.

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