Guests can share their creations in the app via Email with this setting enabled. You can customize that experience here.


With email enabled, you are required to provide a "from" email address, a Display Name, and Subject Line for the email that will be sent. 


We recommend that you DO NOT use email addressed from major providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, msn, AOL, Xfinity, etc. These services have internal spam blockers that can block your account if too many similar messages are sent from it.

Feel free to use our default email address if you like.


Next, select how you want the content to appear in the email share. You can select from Inline, meaning that the content appears in the body of the email itself; Attachment which will send the content as an attached file; or Unique URL Link which will provide a link in the email to a custom microsite containing the content.


  • Only Photos and GIFs can appear Inline (videos sent with Inline enabled will be attached, instead)
  • Most email services have a 20 MB limit on files so any files sent over that size will be sent via Unique URL automatically.

For more information on Unique URL, check out our article Event Creator - Sharing - Unique URL


We provide a visual editor that anyone can use, but if you prefer to work in HTML, you have that option.


Emails are sent using our Sendgrid account by default, but you are welcome to use your own mail server if you prefer.

Enable this option and enter your server's details in the requested fields and you're all set. 

NOTE: Email addresses captured using this process will be stored in your event data, and will be subject to any associated data capture/removal settings established in a Survey/Disclaimer Checkbox option.

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