Guests can share their creations in the app via text message with this setting enabled. You can customize that experience here.

For information on how to enable this and other share options, check out our Booth Design - Share tutorial.

Once you've enabled text message sharing, you have some options to setup and customize the experience.

In order to share via text using our software, you must connect a Twilio account. 

Twilio is a mobile service provider that handles the actual text messaging process when you use text sharing in Landmark. While we are not otherwise partnered with Twilio, we found their service the most compatible with our system. 

If you do not have one already, get started by creating an account on Twilio does charge for their service, however the cost per SMS message is quite small (MMS messages cost more). To avoid errors sending messages using Landmark, the number you create with Twilio must be a toll-free number, and then you must follow these instructions to register that number.

NOTE: As of July, 2023, text messages sent from inside to several other countries outside United States are required to be sent using an Alphanumeric Sender ID. You can add text to the Alphanumeric Sender ID field in the Twilio section, such as "YOUR COMPANY NAME" and then when the recipient receives the text, it will have been sent from "YOUR COMPANY NAME" rather than your selected numerical Twilio phone number.

Once you have your account setup with Twilio, click "Connect" in the Text Share Settings. A window will open prompting you to login to your Twilio account and connect the two.

Once the accounts are connected, the fields should auto-fill and you're all set (once your event is saved). Just select the number you want to use from the Twilio Phone Number dropdown after connecting the account.

You have the option of entering some default text to appear in the message field for every text message share!

Note that guests will have the option to edit this text before they send, but it will be there by default each time.

You have the option to send the content via SMS or MMS

SMS costs less from Twilio because it's just text, not the files themselves. With SMS enabled, the Unique URL feature is enabled and a link to unique microsite containing the shared content will be sent to the recipient. 

For more information on the Unique URL feature, check out Booth Design - Sharing - Unique URL

MMS will cost a little more with Twilio because this will send the actual Photo or GIF files to the recipient via text, rather than the link. 

Keep in Mind: 

Video files cannot be sent via MMS using this service.

NOTE: Email addresses captured using this process will be stored in your event data, and will be subject to any associated data capture/removal settings established in a Survey/Disclaimer Checkbox option.

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