Unique URL is not a share method, but a feature that is used by other share methods. When Unique URL is enabled, your guests will receive a link for a special "microsite" that displays their photo, video, or GIF creation. These pages are hosted on our server and can be customized using the settings here.

If you don't want to bother with customizing the microsite, you don't have to. By default, the link your guests receive will take them to an all-white page with their content embedded in it. 

If you want to customize it, if you like. None of the steps below are required, and you can mix and match whichever you want to use.


You can upload a Header Image that will appear at the top of the page. Just make sure that it is fewer than 940 pixels wide.


You can customize the Header (below the header image if you have one). As you can see, you have a lot of options, functions, and features to use, from adding links, customizing text, to embedding online videos and images, and more.

The Footer can be similarly customized, and it appears below the shared content.


You can customize the background of the microsites your guests received. 

You can upload a background image, and you have the option to make it so that the image is tiled (repeated like, tiles on the floor) or just stretched to fill the entire background.

You can change the theme color between white and black. This will adjust the default background color, if you choose not to use an uploaded background image.


You can customize the Page Title and the Page Description. 

The Page Title is what appears in the tab of your browser when the site loads. The Page Description appears under other conditions, like when shared on social media.


Our software and Event Data can use algorithms to estimate the total reach of shares on a microsite (if sharing is enabled) but if you are interested in getting more detailed metrics and you have a Google Analytics account, you can assign a tracking code here.


Enabling the Share options on Unique URL can be incredibly useful. Once enabled, each share option will appear as an icon at the bottom of all the shared microsites.

It's a great way to give you clients and your guests access to social media share options for the content directly on their own device, after they receive the SMS text message or Email containing their Unique URL link.

You can enable or disable the share options individually in this section. Some (but not all) share options will have additional settings which can be established here in the event creator using the buttons that appear on the right-hand side.


If you click the Email Share Settings option, you'll be given the following options.

You have the option to Use Email Share Settings. Enabling this option will make it so that emails shared from the microsite use the same settings that the direct Email share option is using. 

Otherwise, the Emails sent from the microsite will use the settings you setup here. 

"From" Email, Display Name, and Subject Line are required.


Enabling the Twitter share option for Unique URL allows you the option to add a Twitter Default Message (that appears automatically in the post when shared - unless edited by the user). 

You can also choose whether the Twitter post shares the content directly with the Direct Image option, whereas they can post the link to the microsite with their share with the Microsite URL Link option.


For both Instagram and Snapchat shares from the Unique URL, the content is emailed to the user. We are unable to post directly to either Instagram or Snapchat so instead, these options create emails with the content attached that are sent to the users which they can then share using those options.

In both cases, you will need to enter a "From" Email, Display Name, and Subject Line for the email that they will be sent.


The Whatsapp settings have only an optional, default message field.

Questions? Contact support@laphotoparty.com