A Photo Template is for any content you want to create where one image file is created, but that one image may have multiple photos as part of it--like a photo strip or multi-holder layout.

Click the gear icon on a Photo Node in your Booth Design layout to open the settings for that node.

In Photo Node settings, select "Create New" and select the "Photo Template" option. (Use "Browse My Library" to choose from video activations you've already created on your account).

When you select Photo Template in the Photo Node, you'll find yourself in the Photo Template creator.

First things first, always give your creation a name so you can find it later.

Select the Aspect Ratio for the entire template using the dropdown. 

If you upload a background image, the aspect ratio will automatically adjust to match the background.

To add a background image, click "Open File" under "Background Image" to select the image file you want to use from your personal device library.

You'll be prompted to select a JPEG from your computer to upload as a background for your template.

The same is true for your Photo Template's Overlay, except that your Overlay must be a PNG file with transparency.

Photo Template's can be created with or without a background or overlay. The background will appear behind the photo holders that you add to the template, while the overlay will appear in front of them.

Click the "Add Photo Placeholder" button to (you guessed it) add a photo placeholder.

When the placeholder is added, settings will appear on the left and the holder will appear in the preview on the right.

You can resize, reposition, and rotate the photo placeholder in the preview. Click on the placeholder to activate its controls.

Add as many placeholders as you like!

Click on "Open Detail" for each placeholder to view the "Photo Placeholder Detail.

With Green Screen disabled, you can still upload a unique PNG overlay to each photo holder.

For Pro and Green Screen Add-On events, you can enable green screen per Photo holder. Just like with Simple Photo, you can upload a background and overlay, and reposition the guest placement in frame against the background. Backgrounds must be JPG and Overlays must be PNG with transparency to function correctly.

With Green Screen enabled in the photo holder, the option to upload a background becomes available, as does this guest positioning box in the preview. Upload a background and/or overlay to see it in the preview and position your guest accordingly.

You can also set a filter to be automatically applied to each Placeholder by clicking the Auto Filter button.

The filter you select will be automatically applied to the photos in this particular Photo Holder.

Questions? Contact support@laphotoparty.com