The Start Screen is where your guests will select from the different activations you've added to your event. In Start Screen node settings, you can select from our selection of default start screen layouts, or you can create your own!

To access Start Screen settings, click the Gear icon on the Start Screen node in your Booth Design layout.

The "Grid" layout is selected by default in the Start Screen node for all new events, but that's not your only option.

In Settings for your Start Screen node, you'll find the list of our default layout options to select from. Use the arrows or click and drag the carousel left or right to see the options. Click to select the option you want and click the "x" in the top right to save and exit. 

The available options include:

  • Grid
  • Swipe
  • Bottom
  • Sidebar

To create a custom start screen, click the "Create New" button.


With a custom start screen, you can add a custom background and custom images for your buttons, and position and size those buttons however you like. Buttons can be image files or can be invisible if you prefer to design buttons into the background image graphic. 

Custom start screens are unique to each event and are not saved in their own independent library (however they are copied along with copy events).

PRO-TIP: Create Custom Start Screens at the end of your workflow. Creating a custom start screen requires that all activations nodes already be in place so that you can assign them to their respective buttons. Therefore you won't get far trying to create a Custom Start Screen at the beginning of the process.


When you choose "Create New" in Start Screen Settings, you'll be taken to the start screen creator.



Give your customer start screen a name.


Click "Open File" to upload a custom background. Make sure that the image file you upload matches your iPad's dimensions in the orientation that you intend to use. 

Use the "Reset" function if you change your mind.


To add buttons to your custom start screen, click "Create New Button." A button module will appear, and a button holder will appear on the background preview to the right.


In "Flow" select which of the available activations in your event you want to assign to this button (if you haven't connected activations to the start screen in the workspace, do that first).

Click "Open File" to choose a custom graphic for your button image. Custom graphics are optional. If you prefer, the button can be "invisible" within its boundaries wherever you place it on our background. 


Add as many buttons as you need, then resize and place the button holders in the preview on the right.\

The preview's alignment grid can be toggled on to help you place your buttons, and toggled off so that you can see your start screen without it. 

The grid will not appear in the app, regardless of whether or not it is toggled on or off here.


You can delete buttons by clicking this icon in the module for the button you want to remove.


Click SAVE in the bottom right to save the custom start screen. New custom start screens are automatically selected in the tray alongside the default Start Screen layout options in the node settings.

NOTE: Custom start screens are unique to each event and cannot currently be saved for use in other events.

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