The Share node is where guests will be able share their Landmark creation using the different options you enable here in settings. You can also choose the layout of the share screen here.

After placing a Share node in the Booth Design workspace, you can access settings for the Share node by clicking its gear icon.

Each icon in the share screen options represents a different share method (except for the last one).

They are:

  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Print
  • SmugMug
  • Unique URL (microsite controls)

Click each icon to select to see settings for each share option in the node.

To enabled that share option for your event, toggle it on using the disabled/enabled switch.

Once the toggle is enabled, you will be able to adjust settings for that share option.

Each share option has its own unique settings.

Unique URL does not have an enabled/disabled toggle switch. Instead, it is automatically enabled when it is being used by one of the other share options, and it is automatically disabled if it is not being used.

In this example, Text message sharing is enabled with the SMS option selected. That means that Text messages will send a link to the Unique URL microsite containing the shared content, and the settings are available:

The share options that use Unique URL are:

  • Text Message - SMS (text link) option
  • Email - Unique URL link option
  • Videos if sent using the Text Message - MMS option (this scenario does not enable Unique URL settings because it is a failsafe)
  • Videos over 20mb if sent by email (this scenario does not enable Unique URL settings because it is a failsafe)

Each share method has its own unique settings. For more information on each check out these articles:

After you've selected and customized your share options, you'll want to select the share screen layout.

You can choose from:

  • Grid
  • Swipe
  • Bottom
  • Sidebar

From there, click DONE to save your node settings in the Booth Design. And as always remember to save the entire booth design and refresh events on the iPad in order for changes to be available in the app.

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