Adding a Preview node after one or more Activation nodes will give the guests an option to see a preview of their content. Still images will show, videos can be played and GIFs will loop until guests choose to what to do next.

Preview nodes can be used in several ways.


A Preview node with no options enabled can be added to your event.

The effect in the app is that the user will see a preview of their content...

...and the only option is to tap "Accept" and proceed.


Enabling Allow Retake in the Preview node settings online will give your guests the option to retake their content. 

It adds a "Redo" button to the Preview screen.

This will send them back to the activation. Or they can tap "Accept" and proceed.


If an Edit node is added after the Preview node in your event creator...

...the option to edit will automatically be added to the Preview node.

Guests can tap "Edit" from the Preview node and be taken to the Editor in the app, or they can tap "Accept" to bypass the edit node entirely.

Edit can be added with or without "Allow Retake" enabled in the same Preview node.

For more information on the Edit Node, check out Event Creator - "Edit" Node Setup

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