Adding the "Survey & Disclaimer" node into the workflow means that the guest will be asked to complete the survey before they can capture or share content.

Whether you create a survey or a disclaimer is entirely up to how you design and word your creation in this node. 

Data collected in the app using this node will be available in a downloadable spreadsheet in your event data.

You can add as many nodes of each kind as you need for your purposes.


You have the option to allow users to opt out. If you enable this option, the guest will see buttons with the text you enter in the fields below. 

If the user presses the "Agree" button after reviewing the disclaimer, then they are allowed to proceed and share their content. If they choose to "Opt-out" then they are not allowed to proceed.

This feature is optional and is available for convenience. But you can get more granular with what information is required or not in each block.


To build a disclaimer or survey, you will drag blocks from the left side to the right section, arranging them in the order you want them to appear.

The Text Block is where you'll write text you want the guest to read.

You can delete a block that you've added by clicking the trash can icon in the lower-right-hand corner of the block.

The up "carrot" will collapse the blocks, minimizing them so that it's easier to work on one or a few at a time.


Add a Name Input block if you want a name input field to appear for your guest.

If "is Required" is toggled on, then the guest cannot proceed from the form without entering an answer in this field.

This applies to all blocks.


Add a Text Input block if you want a text input field to appear for your guest.

The field in the block is where you can enter the question or prompt you wish to appear above the text input field where the guest can write their answer.


The multiple choice block allows you to enter the question you want to ask at the top, as well as a number of answer options. 

You can add answers with the "+" symbol button on the left, or remove the with the "-" on the right.


The General Check box option will add a check box alongside the text you enter here, which the guest can check or not, and their response will be recorded in the data as "True" (checked) or "False" (unchecked). This is just for yes or no question to which you want to survey the guests and get an answer.


If you choose Delete personal data after 24h from the dropdown menu for the checkbox, then if the guest checks the box our system will only store that guest's data for 24 hours from the end of the event, after which time it will be deleted. 

So the text below would be appropriate.


On the other hand, the Save personal data option means that their data is only saved if they check the box.

Again, the text added below accurately reflects how the feature will work.


After you've organized the blocks, you can proceed to the preview of what your survey or disclaimer will look like in the app.


If everything looks good and you're ready to save your creation, you'll be asked to enter a Name and Description. 

You also have the option here to make the entire node required if you'd rather do that here than in ever single, individual node.

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