Landmark gives you the option of creating your own, custom start screen layout.

With a custom start screen, you can add a custom background and custom images for your buttons, and position and size those buttons however you like.


When you choose "Create New" in Start Screen Settings, you'll be taken to the start screen creator.



Give your customer start screen a name.


Click "Open File" to upload a custom background. Make sure that the image file you upload matches your iPad's dimensions in the orientation that you intend to use. 

Use the "Reset" function if you change your mind.


To add buttons to your custom start screen, click "Create New Button." A button module will appear, and a button holder will appear on the background preview to the right.


In "Flow" select which of the available activations in your event you want to assign to this button (if you haven't connected activations to the start screen in the workspace, do that first).

Click "Open File" to choose a custom graphic for your button image. This is required for custom Start Screens.


Add as many buttons as you need, then resize and place the button holders in the preview on the right.


You can delete buttons by clicking this icon in the module for the button you want to remove.


As always be sure to save your changes and your event in order for them to sync with the app.

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