In this article we'll go over how to login, select your event, refresh your events, and exit settings to begin using the app.


The first time that you launch Landmark after downloading, you will be prompted to login.

Make sure that you use the same login credentials (email and password) that are associated with the account used to create your events online.


After logging in you'll see the event selection screen. Tap the dropdown menu to select one of the active events in your account (if the dropdown is empty, your events either have not been successfully created, or their event date may have passed). 

Once you select the event you want to use, its name will populate in the "Currently Selected Event" field.

If you make changes to an event, or add new events, to your account while you are logged in on the iPad, those changes will not automatically be applied (this is so that you can avoid interruption to the use of the app at events). 

In order to download the latest changes from your online event creator into the Landmark app, make sure that the iPad is online, and tap the "Refresh Events" button. 

This will pull the latest changes from the website into the iPad app. 

(HOT TIP: Landmark also has a "Quick Refresh" feature. Using the app, outside of settings, press and hold the top right corner for 3-5 seconds and a prompt will appear asking if you want to refresh!)

Once you have your event selected, tap continue to progress to Event Settings.


The in-app Event Settings Screen looks like this...

For detailed information about Event Settings, take a look at full tutorial here.

For now, you can review the settings, then click either "Back" or the "Home" icon. 

"Back" will return you to the Event Selection screen, while the Home icon will Exit Settings and take you to the first node of your selected event.

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