Here we'll show you how to get back to the settings screen while using the app, and where to find both Event Settings and Camera Settings for each activation.

To access the Landmark app settings, long-press on the bottom-right corner of the screen (which changes with portrait and landscape orientations, but is always the "bottom-right").

Portrait Event

Landscape Event

Pressing that spot long enough will bring up the PIN Screen.

Here you will need to enter the 4-digit PIN that is associated with the event that is currently selected. This is the PIN number that you set in the "Event Details" screen in the Event Creator. 

After entering the PIN associated with the currently selected event, you'll see:

The Home Icon button in the top left will exit settings and return you to the active event,

Tap Event Settings to enter the Event Settings screen, where you have a certain amount of control over the event at the app level (meanwhile most of the event controls are found in the event creator online). For more information about Event Settings in the app, check out our In-App Event Settings tutorial.

Tap Camera Settings to enter the Camera Settings screen, where you can make optical changes to your different activations, as well as manage your Green Screen settings and certain other activation-specific controls, pertaining to the camera. 

Top Other Settings to enter the Other Settings screen which includes sub-sections like LED controls for the EXPLORER booth and Photo Party Upload Helper controls (required for printing).

The Log Out button will log you completely out of the app.

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