An overview of the Camera Settings for the GIF activation in the Landmark iPad app.

For information on how to access Event Settings in the app, see Getting Started - Landmark iPad App - Accessing Settings

Once you've entered Camera Settings, select the GIF tab by tapping the GIF icon along the top.

Once selected, you'll see the GIF settings screen.

At the top, you have the option to toggle between settings for Manual or Burst. 

If you switch to Burst settings, the Capture Speed slider appears. 

Capture speed is the rate at which the burst pulls stills from the action in front of the camera.  baster capture speed means that the images will be taken closer together, making the movement more smooth. Slower capture speeds create more of a "jump cut" effect.

By default, the White Balance and Exposure will both be set to "Auto" and the rest of the controls are inaccessible.

To manually adjust the ISO and Shutter Speed, you must first switch off Auto Exposure.

Once this is disabled, you can use the slider for ISO to and the carousel for Shutter Speed to make adjustments to how your GIFs will appear.

Next, if you wish to choose a specific white balance option, slide the White Balance slider from Auto to Manual.

Once White Balance is set to Manual, you will be able to select from the white balance option icons provided, or you can use the slider below to fine tune it yourself.

Setting both white balance and exposure manually are highly recommended for any Green Screen events, since the appearance and quality of the color green might change throughout the event if these are set to Auto, and this could negatively impact the quality of your green screen output.

However, for non-green screen events where you're not too worried about the coloration on the photos, the "auto" options are usually just fine!

Other GIF settings are controlled in the GIF node in the online Event Creator. More information about that can be found here.

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