An overview of the Camera Settings for the Video activation in the Landmark iPad app.

For information on how to access Event Settings in the app, see Getting Started - Landmark iPad App - Accessing Settings

Once you've entered Camera Settings, select the GIF tab by tapping the Video icon along the top.

Once selected, you'll see the video Settings Screen. 

If your Event has the front camera selected, or the front camera has been selected in the app, you'll see the message "No Settings Available for Front Camera"

If you access Video Settings using an event that has the back camera selected, or if the back camera has been selected in the app, you will see the Recording Mode option for Normal or Slow Motion. Normal is selected by default.

If you switch to Slow Motion, you have another option available: 

You can choose either 120fps (frames per second) -- aka 25% playback speed, or...

...or 240fps which is twice as slow as 120!

Once you have your video settings the way you want them, select "Back" at the top of the screen and say "Yes" to saving your new settings and you're good to go!

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