An overview of the Camera Settings for the Green Screen feature in the Landmark iPad app. These green screen settings will apply to all of the activations in the event.

For information on how to access Event Settings in the app, see Getting Started - Landmark iPad App - Accessing Settings

Once you've entered Camera Settings, select the GIF tab by tapping the GIF icon along the top.

Once selected, you'll see the Green Screen settings screen.

By default, Auto Green Screen is enabled. 

If you're working with a standard green screen in even lighting, you may find that this option works just great for your needs.

If you want or need to fine tune your Green Screen (Chroma Key) settings, disable the "Auto Green Screen" toggle.

With Auto Green Screen disabled, you'll need to select the color from the Color Selector that best matches your physical backdrop, be it green or any other color. Remember, the selected color is the color that will be removed and replaced with your Green Screen background image (added in the Event Creator, online).

Next, you'll want to adjust adjust the Threshold and Softness sliders to remove the selected color. 

A good way to do this is to start with both sliders all the way to the left, and then slowly drag Threshold to the right until the selected color is removed from the preview, but stop before other colors are removed.

If there is still a faint halo of the removed color around your guests, repeat the process with the Softness slider to gently remove any remaining green (or other selected color). 

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