An explanation of how to create a new event for Landmark in the Event Creator.

After you've logged in to the site, click "Create New Event."

This will take you to the Event Details page. This will be familiar to those of you who already use Photo Party Upload, but there are some differences.

  • Event Date: An event date is required. This is the date of (or final date of) your event, and the event will be closed the following morning at 6 AM and invoiced accordingly at that time.
  • Event Type: Test Events and Live Events are a feature in production which will ultimately allow a billing-free way to test events out prior to going "Live." For now (as of May 2022) this can be ignored.
  • Application Type: For the Landmark application, this option is set to iOS by default.
  • iPad Orientation: Here you will select which orientation your iPad will be in for your event. This should be decided and set first, since subsequent graphical decisions in the event will depend on  it.
  • Use Device Camera: Here you can predetermine whether your new event will use the front or rear camera of the iPad. This setting can be changed later in the app itself, if need be, though if events are refreshed, the setting will revert to what was set for the event here. This setting can be changed as needed at any time.
  • Take Photo Timer: Once enabled, you will be able to set the duration of the countdown timer which will appear, not just for Photo, but also for all activation types in your event.
  • iOS App Settings PIN: In order to access settings in the app, a 4-digit, numerical PIN is required and each event can have a different PIN. 
  • File Prefix Name: To help with file management, the text you add here will be added to the beginning of the file name for the content created in the app that is saved to the iPad. 
  • Campaign: This feature is not yet active, but will be available in future versions of Landmark and Photo Party Upload.
  • Sync with helper: This is another Photo Party Upload feature and is not relevant to the Landmark software.
  • Event Name: Every event should have its own, unique name. This is how you will differentiate it from others in your events list, both in the event creator and when selecting your event in the Landmark iPad app.
  • Event Password (optional): This feature is an artifact of PPU and is not relevant to Landmark at this time.
  • Address (optional): This field is optional.
  • City: Please enter the City in which your Event will be taking place. This field is required in order to save an event.
  • Country (optional): This field is optional.
  • State (optional): This field is optional.
  • ZIP (optional): This field is optional.

Once you've filled in the required settings and made the available choices, click on the "iOS Details" option on the left to begin setting up your event. 

You will be taken to the Event Creator layout screen, where you can begin plotting the flow of your event.

You'll start by selecting a start screen. For more information on Start Screen settings, check out Getting Started - Event Creator - "Start Screen" Settings

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