With Muse Mosaic 2.0 you can upload your mosaic to an interactive website for free. Follow these instructions on how to upload your mosaic, and customize the page.


Navigate to the Upload tab by clicking this symbol in the menu:


On the right side of the window, press the Connect button

After a few seconds you should connect to our server.


In the field to the right of the Create New Event button, type a name for your mosaic. This name will be a part of your mosaic URL, so please choose carefully! It should not have any spaces, or special characters beside dash (-) or underscore (_).


Press Create New Event and your website will be created!


In the Available Events on the Mosaic Server dropdown, find the event you just made and select it. All events you've ever made will be available in that dropdown.

If you want to delete an event, select it in the dropdown, and click Delete Selected Event.


Now to customize the website.

Add a page title in the Page Title field. This will be what someone sees as the name of the tab in their browser.

Customizing Favicon and Sidebar Colour are optional. If you upload a favicon it must be in the .ico format. I like to use https://favicon.io/ to quickly create favicons. Click the folder icon to the right og Favicon to find your .ico file and import it.

The background of the mosaic page can be a color or an image. The image can be titled or stretched on the page. Click the folder icon to the right of Mosaic Background to import your image.

You can have both a Header/Title Image and Header/Title text. Simple check the corresponding boxes and customize them in the fields below. The header image should not be more that 600 pixels high.


Once you've customized your site, press the Upload Mosaic Design button on the bottom right:


Click the button next to it named Open Event in Browser and your mosaic page will be opened in your default browser! You can send this link to your client/guests.


To start uploading your mosaic images to the page, toggle the Server Mode switch in the upper right, next to the Connect button:

Once you start your mosaic with the Event Active toggle, your images will be uploaded to the site.

That's it! Enjoy your online mosaic!