Guests can print their creations from Landmark with this setting enabled. You can customize that experience here. 

Printing in Landmark requires that you run "Photo Party Upload Helper - Landmark" on a supported Windows device with Printer connected, on the same network as the iPad. For more information see Other Settings - Helper

With Print enabled, you have the option to set the maximum number of prints that a guest can send to the printer at one time. 

Printing in Landmark can only be used with the Photo activation. Videos and GIFs cannot be printed, and the print option, when enabled, will only appear when a Photo has been captured.

Landmark does not currently support photo strip cutting.

Printing, unlike other share options in Landmark, requires that you connect the app to a Photo Party Upload Helper on the same network, that is running on a supported Windows device (such as a PC or tablet) which is connected to the printer that you are using for the event. 

For detailed information on how to download, install, connect, and use PPU Helper with Landmark, please see

Other Settings - Helper

Note: Landmark Helper is not the same as regular Photo Party Upload Helper. If you already have the original Photo Party Upload Helper installed, you will still need to download the Landmark Helper to be used with this application. Likewise, Landmark Helper cannot be used with regular Photo Party Upload Event Manager. You can have both installed on the same Windows device if need be.

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