Landmark can be synced with your SmugMug account to automatically upload the content captured during your event to the folder and album of your choice.

In order to use this feature, you will need to have, or create, an account on SmugMug is a paid service, independent from LA Photo Party.

Start by signing into your SmugMug account in the same browser that you are using to edit your Landmark Event. While it is possible to sign-in later, taking this step beforehand will simplify the process. 

Create the Album and Gallery in your SmugMug account where you want the images from your Landmark event to be saved.

Now, enable SmugMug sharing in your event's Share Node. For information on how to enable this and other share options, check out our Booth Design - Share tutorial.

Click the LOG IN TO SMUGMUG button and follow the prompts that appear in the subsequent pop-up windows in order to connect your account.

If your sign-in and connection are successful, you will see several of the fields populated automatically with the necessary information.

Select the Album and/or Folder that you created in SmugMug for this event. DO NOT use the "Create New Album" option here in the Landmark app. Only select from Albums and Folders that already exist in your SmugMug account.

Once all of the fields are filled in and the correct location is selected, proceed with your share node setup. 

NOTE: These settings are associated only with this one Share node. If the node is deleted from the event creator, you will need to reconnect SmugMug to any new Share nodes that you add to the event.

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