Printing in Landmark requires that your iPad be on the same network as a Windows device (PC or tablet) running a special Landmark version of Photo Party Upload Helper, connected to the printer of your choice.

You can also use Helper to save media captured in Landmark to a Watched Folder on your Windows device, whether or not you want to print.

Note: Landmark Helper is not the same as regular Photo Party Upload HelperIf you already have the original Photo Party Upload Helper installed, you will still need to download the Landmark Helper to be used with this application. Likewise, Landmark Helper cannot be used with regular Photo Party Upload Event Manager. You can have both installed on the same Windows device if need be.

We'll start off explaining how to download and use the Helper application, and then we'll take a look at how to make sure that your Landmark app and the Helper app can see each other and work together.

First, download and install Landmark Helper. 

Do this on the Windows device that will be connected to the printer you want to use. Make sure that the printer you want to use is successfully setup and can be used by Windows before attempting to print via Helper.

You can download the latest version of Landmark Helper using the link in the account dropdown on or by CLICKING HERE.

The download should begin automatically. 

Once the installer has downloaded, launch it to begin the installation process. 

For a quick setup, we recommend progressing through the installation wizard without changing any of the default options provided.

Once the application is installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop to launch the software.

Double-click the shortcut to launch the software. It may seem as if nothing happens, but when the application is running, you will find an icon in your system tray:

Right click on this icon and select "Sign in"

In the window that appears...

...sign in using the PPU account associated with Landmark (the same account you use to login to

Once you have successfully signed in, the icon in the system tray will have a green dot:

Right click on the Helper icon in the tray again, and select "Configure"

This will open the Landmark Helper Configure Menu

For Landmark, there are only a few areas of the Helper Configure menu which are relevant.

  • The Selected Event dropdown will have the "Just Printing" event selected by default. That's as it should be. Unlike with regular PPU Helper, you do not need to select the event name that you are using. Just Printing is what you want.
  • The Printer selector is where you will find a list of all the printers installed on this Windows device. Check the box next to the printer that you will be using with Landmark in order to select it.
  • The Watched Folder is the folder on your Windows device where the images that are printed from the Landmark device will be downloaded and saved so that the Helper can print them on the selected printer. This can be any folder that you create or choose on the device.
    NOTEUnlike with regular PPU Helper, only the images shared via Landmark's "Print" option will be saved to the watched folder. Content shared by other methods is saved exclusively on the iPad running the Landmark application.

Once you have installed, launched, signed-into, and setup your Helper on your printer-connected Windows device, it's time to... 

Connect the Landmark iPad App to the Landmark Helper

Make sure that your iPad running Landmark is connected to the same network as the device running the Helper.

From Landmark settings menu, select "Other Settings"

The first option on the "Other Settings" menu is the "Helper" menu.

If your Windows Device does not appear automatically in the drop-down menu, tap Reload and you may also need to select the device by tapping on the drop-down menu. 

If you have more than one device running Helper separately, but on the same network, all available Helpers will appear in the dropdown.

You also have the option of connecting to the Helper "manually" (by IP address). Slide the selector from Automatic to Manual...

...tap the blank field to bring up the keyboard, and enter the IP address of your Windows device. Then press Reload.

There are many ways to determine the IP address of your Windows device, but one simple way is to Google "what is my IP address" in a web browser on the Windows device.

Now that the Landmark application is connected to the Windows Helper via the network, when your guests select "Print" in the share screen, their photo will be saved both to the iPad and to the "Watched Folder" selected in the Helper, and the Helper will send it to the selected Printer.

Enable the Send all media to Helper Watched Folder option if you want all the content that your Landmark booth captures and saves to also be saved into your connected Helper's Watched Folder. This happens automatically if the content is printed, but enabling this option saves all content to the watched folder, regardless of whether it is printed or shared by another option.

Among other possible functions, this is a great way to back-up the content in real time.

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