If the LEDs on the explorer are not lighting up, they may either not be receiving power, or the python code on the Bluetooth board may be corrupted.

To reinstall the code on the bluetooth controller board, disconnect the backplate from the power source, then use a Micro USB cable and connect the board to a tablet or computer. This can be done from the front or back of the backplate, but be sure not to push or pull so hard that you damage the board or pull a connecting wire off.


Once the board is connected to a computer or tablet, it should show up as a USB folder with a code.py file.  If this does not show up on your computer double check that you have a DATA capable USB micro cable as some cables do not allow for data passthrough.  Once you see the Circuitpy folder with the code.py file, download the CircuitPyBluefruit5_3_22 zipped folder (attached  and unzip so you see the files as listed below.  

Replace the contents of the Bluefruit controller folder with all of the files and folders seen above.  

Once the files have all been transferred, the board will automatically reboot. Give the board some time (approx 20 seconds or so) and the LEDs should turn on (they will be powered by the USB from your computer, although it is possible your computer USB port will not have the power to light the LED’s in which case, once the power has rebooted, the lights may flash on then off and you may get a warning on your pc about excessive power draw from the usb port.  Simply disconnect the USB cable and attach the regular power source to your Explorer faceplate, allow time for the board to boot up and the lights should turn on.

If the lights still do not work after replacing the CircuitPy code, check the power and data wire connections.

First disconnect power, then check if there are any loose wires, either in the Wago connectors or on the Power Buck or bluetooth board. If any of the wires that connect into the Wago connectors are loose, open the connection clamp by pulling the orange tab on the back of the connector for the offending wire and insert the wire fully into the opening until it touches the back wall then clamp the orange tab down again. Gently pull on the wire to ensure it is secured.

If either of the wires have been disconnected from the Power Buck, loosen the clamping screw, insert the wire fully into the connector, then tighten the clamping screw down on it. Gently pull on the wire to ensure it has been securely attached.

Finally, if any of the three wires that attach to the Bluetooth board have been severed, please contact support, as these cables must be soldered into place.