This article will provide a quick guide on how to properly remove an existing Power Buck (Power Delivery System Controller) and replace it with a brand new Power Buck. 

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Power Buck Removal

Disassemble your explorer faceplate: Guide. Once your Explorer has been taken apart, locate the power buck in your unit. The Power Buck may be secured with adhesive. If there is some adhesive, connect the booth to power, turn the power on, and let it run for approximately 20 minutes to soften the adhesive on the board. 

Warning: The Power Buck may be hot. 

  • When the adhesive is soft enough, turn off your Explorer and disconnect the power buck. 

  • Lift the Power Buck out of its slot.

  • Slide the wires out of the channel it is running through.

  • Follow those wires through the channel to the Wago Connectors.

  • Identify the wire from their corresponding Wago channel clamp. 

  • To disconnect the wires from the Wago Connectors, lift the corresponding orange tab on the opposite side of the face plate that is securing the wire in place. 

  • Once the tab has been lifted, the wire should easily slide out.

  • Remove and discard the wire.

Once the wires have been disconnected and removed from the Wago Connectors, you can pull the wires all the way through to release the whole assembly from the plastic frame.

Power Buck Assembly

  • Place the new Power Buck into the empty slot.

  • Run the attached Black and Red cables along the channel where the old cables used to be. 

NOTE: If needed, secure wire in with small pieces of Gaffer’s Tape.

  •  Run the cables through the same small opening that the old cables were threaded through.

  • Feed and pull the red and black power buck wires through the wire routing channels. 

Note: Make sure that the wires have been pulled all the way through. They are cut to size and will reach their respective Wago Connector.

On the Wago Connectors, insert the wires from the new Power Buck into the corresponding slot with the corresponding color. 

Installing The New AC Power Adapter and Y Splitter

  • Disconnect the Barrel Plug Pigtail from the internal battery. 

  • Connect the Pigtail to the Power Buck.

  • Connect one of the male ends of the Y Splitter to the female end of the pigtail.

  • Connect one of the male ends of the Y Splitter to one of the internal battery 12V Output Port.

  • Connect the AC Adapter barrel plug to the female end of the Y Splitter.

Installing The USB-C Cable

  • Connect the 90° Corner Angle end of the USB-C cable to the iPad Pro. 

  • Run the cable through the channel to the Power Buck. 

Note: You may want to tie a loose knot to help manage the cable and fit into the channel. 

  • Connect the straight end of the USB-C Cable to the Power Buck USB-C port. 

Powering on the Explorer

To test that the installation is working, connect the AC Adapter to a power outlet and turn on your Explorer. Your lights should turn on within approximately 10 seconds. 

If the LED lights do not power on, double-check the Wago connectors and ensure the cables are fully connected.

Finally, re-attach the face plate to the body, and re-assemble the head.