Whether you're the proud owner of an EXPLORER booth or you found Landmark in the App Store, here's an overview of how the Landmark iPad app and Landmarkbooth.com work together!


If you haven't already, you'll need to do two important things to get started:

1 - Download the app from the App Store on your iPad.

NOTE: If you already have an earlier version of Landmark installed, delete the current app from your device before installing the update.

2 - Create an account at landmarkbooth.com. If you're a legacy Landmark Beta tester or an existing PPU user, you maybe able to use your existing account information. Otherwise, select "Sign Up" on the website to get started.

NOTE: Be aware that a credit card is required for Landmark account registration and it will be held on file for future purchases. You will also have the option to use a different card during checkout for each order. Landmark services are not charged automatically -- only when you choose to pay for a new package.



After you log into your account, you can CREATE A NEW EVENT. At which point you'll be asked to select your package.


Landmark events are priced and sold in Packages. Packages are either Basic (with limited features), or Pro (with all features unlocked). 

Whether Basic or Pro, Packages can last one day with our PER EVENT license, or be purchased PER MONTH, or PER YEAR. There are also Add-Ons and other options which we go over in more detail in the support documents on Packages and Add-Ons.



Along with the basics like naming your event you'll be asked to select a Start Date/Time and and End Date/Time. 

The dates you can select will depend on the package you're using. You will be able to test your event prior to your Start Date/Time (all content created will show a "test" watermark which disappears at the start time). At the end time, your event will close and will no longer be editable or usable in the app.


Using our online event creator, you can setup your event by placing and connecting "nodes" in the event creator. Each node is essentially a screen that will appear in the app. The order in which you place them and the paths by which they are connected determine the experience that you have when the event is downloaded into the app.

Get creative with how your nodes are ordered! Just keep in mind that certain nodes are limited in how they connect to others. Filters, for instance, can only connect directly to activation nodes like Photo, GIF, and Video.

Each node has its own unique settings. After adding the node, adjust the node settings to setup and customize experience. 

Click on the Gear Icon...

...to open each node's unique settings and further customize your Booth Design.

Graphics that you create in the activation nodes can be re-used from your account library on future events.

Make sure to add a Share Node at the end. 

Currently, Landmark offers Email sharing, text message sharing (Twilio account required), and SmugMug integration. Printing is available as well, and requires that the iPad be on the same network as a printer-connected Windows device, running a special version of Photo Party Upload Helper.

Once your event is setup, you'll proceed to checkout to complete the process. If you're editing an existing event, you'll follow the same process to save it (without being charged again, of course). 


After creating the event online, you will be able to select it in your iPad app.

Launch the Landmark app on your iPad. If this is your first time launching, sign into the app using the same account that you used on landmarkbooth.com when creating your event.

The app will then ask for a number of app permissions, please grant them all in order for the app to function as expected.

After signing in you will be prompted to select an event. 

Updates made on the website are not automatically downloaded into the Landmark app. If you are ready to sync any changes made online, you need to "Refresh Events."

The date and time displayed mark the last successful refresh of the app.

HOT TIP: Landmark also has a "Quick Refresh" feature. When in Booth mode, press and hold the top right corner for 3-5 seconds and a prompt will appear asking if you want to refresh!

Once selected, the Event Settings and the even of using the app will reflect the event selected. 

It's also where you can view your event queue that shows you the status of shares for this event (similar to Helper for you PPU veterans).

To exit settings tap the "Home" button.

Now you can use the event and see how it follows the paths that you designed on the website.

To return to settings, long-press/hold the bottom, right-hand corner of the iPad screen. After a few seconds, you will be prompted to enter your event PIN.

The PIN that's required is determined by the event you have selected. You can set a custom PIN for each event. If you don't know your PIN or didn't create one, you can use the universal code "1111" during our beta testing phase.

Choose from Event Settings, Camera Settings, or Other Settings on the Settings Menu.

In Camera Settings, use the icons along the top to select from Photo, GIF, and Video settings.

This is also where you can customize the Green Screen settings for your event. Unlike Event Settings, Camera settings will persist regardless of which event is selected.

Other Settings is where you'll find Helper settings and LED controls (for our EXPLORER booth).


During and after your event, you can see the data collected from your successful shares on the website, in three places.

First, there's a dashboard for each event on the My Events page.

Second, you can download an "Event Data" spreadsheet (which includes any Survey/Disclaimer responses) from here. This may be familiar to those of you who used Photo Party Upload in the past.

Third, we have a "Live Stats" page which provides some interactive visuals on a share-able page that can be used to keep stakeholders and clients up-to-date in real time.

Use this link in the event dropdown...

...to view the associated "Live Stats" page.

* * 

Those are the absolute basics of using Landmark! Check out the rest of our support tutorials for more details on all of its features and functions.

Questions? Contact support@laphotoparty.com