is your portal as a Landmark user to setup and manage your account, create and edit your events, and review and download your event data. This article provides an overview of the site and its features.

Sign in to to get started.

If you don't already have an account, click the SIGN UP button to do just that. Otherwise, enter your username and password and SIGN IN.


After signing in you'll arrive automatically at the MY EVENTS page.

At the top of the page you'll find a couple buttons:

  • MY EVENTS - this button brings you back to the MY EVENTS page.
  • CREATE NEW EVENT - click here to begin the process of creating a new event. For details on that process, check out our dedicated tutorial on how to do just that.

Below that, you'll find your Events List.

Every event your create in your account will be added to this list. 

There are some SEARCH and FILTER options above the list in case you need to narrow it down someday. 

At a glance you can see if the event is a TEST or LIVE event. 

NOTE: An event is considered "TEST" if either a) the start date/time has not yet occurred, or b) the "Pay Later" option has not yet been fulfilled. TEST events add a watermark to all content.

To see a quick-view dashboard of the status of share and media metrics for an event, click the down-arrow next to the event name.

Here you can see counts related to successful shares related to the event.

To the right are some options represented as icons. 

They are:

  • EDIT - click to edit the event 
  • COPY - click to begin the process of copying the event. 
  • STATS - click to visit the shareable Stats page for the event
  • DOWNLOAD DATA - click to download the spreadsheet of collected event data from the event


The Account menu icon is located in the top-right corner throughout

Click to access the Account menu and your Info, Billing, Package, and License info. 

This is also where you can download the special Landmark version of the PPU Helper app if you are going to be Printing with Landmark.


This is where you can review and update the name, email, and password associated with your account. If you have a promo or reseller code, you can enter that here, and this is also where you can set the MASTER PIN.

NOTE: The MASTER PIN allows you to access any of your Events on any of your connected iPads, even if each event has its own unique PIN.


Here you will find a table listing and detailing the different Packages you've purchased on your Landmark account. If you are managing multiple long term packages, this is a good place to get an overview.


Here you can review and update the billing and payment information on file for your Landmark account. The card on file will be available by default for all package purchases, but during checkout you are always given the option to use a card other than the one on file, if you prefer.


Here is a table listing the licenses associated with your account. 

NOTE: Packages and Licenses are usually purchased together, but are not the same thing. Packages are about the content if your event, while licenses are related to the number of iPads. For example, if you bought a single package but then added-on a second iPad to that package, then that package would have two licenses.

You can see at a glance which licenses are associated with which events, devices, and you can even "ASSIGN" a license specific device.


Here you will find a convenient table listing your payment history with Landmark, and links to the invoices associated with each payment.

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