Step 1: Find the new AI Tab:

Step 2: In the AI Tab you’ll have our existing options to select from (you can tweak and play with them), or create your own AI options.

-You can create Gen AI or Face Swap options:

Step 2A: In the “Create Gen AI” Screen you can build your new Gen AI settings. Here are some things to be aware of:

-The Thumbnail at the top - Since there are no graphics being added at the start (they’re generated by the AI when you run it), there’s not anything to include in a thumbnail by default. So we added the option to load in an image to use - I suggest using one of your outputs once you are happy with it.

  • Face Swap After Gen - This will do the normal generative AI then grab the guests face (or faces) from the photo and add them back in. It allows you to be much more aggressive with the prompt (higher denoise and other settings) and the photo will still look like the guests.

  • Variables - You can drag and drop these into your prompt. They will be shown inside “{}” (squigglies). These are different than putting words in parentheses “()” which adds weight to those words in the prompt.

  • Green Screen - This will add the selected greenscreen setting to the image BEFORE it is sent to the AI system. These must be 512x512 Resolution (or will be cropped). If you want to add a logo or other overlay after the AI generation, the best place to do that is in your event settings on event manager (which helper will add to the images).

Some more tips and notes on Gen AI:

  • Since the AI photo takes time to process, only the original photo will be shown on the PBU share screen. We recommend you turn off the share screen and share through kiosk (or the new gallery bar… See below).

  • A note on folders and file savings.

    • The original photos you take out of the camera will save to the originals folder.

    • The photos cropped to 512x512 and uploaded to the AI system (and with Green Screen on them, if it is enabled) will save to the processed subfolder of the originals folder.

    • The outputs coming back from the AI system will save to the output folder.

    • In the AI settings there is an option to save the processed photos to the output folder so guests can share before & after photos.

  • We’ve included a glasses variable in most prompts where users can select if they are wearing glasses. This is quite helpful in helping the AI with guests who are wearing glasses in their photos, but if you don’t have a lot of guests with glasses, you can delete the variable from your prompt so that users don’t have to answer the question each time