You should follow the steps below if you are having difficulties getting AI images to render (appear in the Gallery Bar or Kiosk App), or if they are not rendering the way you want. 

Important: Photos captured for AI rendering must be sent to the cloud for processing. When you capture a photo, it will behave no differently than a normal photo capture in PBU. You will not see the AI filter appear in the live view or the photo preview. The AI rendering will eventually appear in the Gallery Bar or Kiosk App once processing is completed. In order for guests to quickly access their final rendering, we recommend using the Kiosk App for the time being.

If AI images are not rendering at all:

Ensure that you have AI enabled in your Event. If not, enable AI and then reload your event in the Helper Tool.

Ensure you have selected 'Start AI Uploading' in the Helper Tool, which will turn red once selected.

If the AI Uploading button does not appear after ensuring AI is enabled in your event, ensure that you are on the latest version of the Helper Tool, which can be downloaded here

Ensure the network connection you are connected to is set as Private. See screen shot below, or here for more details

If you have purchased the AI Add-On to an existing license:

You will need to update your license in PBU before AI options are available. In the Preferences tab, select 'Enter New License' on the right side. Then select 'Update License', which will activate AI functionality.


Our high-level guide for prompts is located here. See below for further details. 

See the example below of our 'Painting' stock filter:

AI prompts can be very finicky, in terms of the output vs your expectations. We recommend working off of our stock filters and making small, single changes at a time to better understand how the AI renderings work. The best practice is to copy an existing AI filter, give it a new name and then make your changes to the copy. 

If the stock AI filters do not appear, you should browse to the Preferences tab of PBU, select 'Restore Generic Settings' on the top right and then click 'OK'. The stock AI Filters will now be available.

When making custom prompts, keep in line with the syntax of the stock filters. Unnecessary punctuations, incorrect spelling, etc will likely not produce results that you want. 

Things to know:

  • Since the AI photo takes time to process, only the original photo will be shown on the PBU share screen. We recommend you turn off the share screen and share through kiosk (or the new gallery bar). If you are sharing from the PBU share screen, guests will not receive the AI rendering. Guests can only receive their AI rendering by waiting for it to populate in the Gallery Bar or Kiosk App. 

  • You cannot add new variables (you can edit existing variables).

  • For Face-Swap: The target image must be square, but can be any resolution up to 2000x2000 pixels. The larger resolution will take longer to process. We recommend 1024x1024 resolution.