When I post an image to the Facebook wall I can specify the link to the URL, but when I post a video the link does not go to the URL I specified. Why?

We use the Facebook Graph API which allows us to specify a link thumbnail, post title, descriptive text, and URL. When posting an image to the wall, we store a thumbnail on our Amazon server, specify the text as was set in the event, and post those with the link URL you set in the event. When posting a video with descriptive text, we use all the settings you put in the event minus the URL you specify.

We do this because we feel guests would expect to see the video if they click the link. With an image the guest can see the full image, but with a video the guest cannot see the entire video. If a user enables both Album and Wall posting for Facebook, then they will be able to see the video in the video album. However, we feel this would still be confusing. If we added an option in Event Manager to enable or disable a video thumbnail with a link to a site you specify, we feel it would add a lot of complexity to an already complex system.

So, for the time being, any video that is posted to the wall with descriptive text will link to a Unique URL with the video on it. If you use the Custom Domain feature in Unique URL, you can host those pages on a domain you control thereby making this issue moot.

If you'd like information on how to configure a Custom Domain, you can follow this tutorial.

When my guests post their pictures to Facebook, will those pictures include the name "Photo Party Upload"?

Not at all! Remember, you get to determine the name of the Facebook Album and the Twitter Stream your guests will see. When you create an event using Event Manager, you can call it whatever you want -- Photo Party Upload is there to make your branding more accessible.

Why is my wall message and title not showing up with my GIF on Facebook?

Facebook posts GIFs as an animated link on your wall. They remove any text and titles that you may have preloaded in the Title and Description for Facebook wall message when setting up your event.  

Why is only the first frame of my GIF posting to Facebook?
For GIFs to play on Facebook they must be posted to a Wall.  Make sure that you have Wall Message or Album and Wall Message chosen in your event.  GIFs posted to an Album will only display as a single image.

I'm getting a website error when logging in to Facebook to share?
You get an error that looks like the one below when logging in to post a photo to facebook... This can be caused by an issue with the successfull login message with your facebook app. In order to continue uploading to facebook just click "Go back to the previous page" and you can continue posting as normal. These facebook errors usually resolve themselves within a few hours.

Why is my GIF Post on my Facebook Wall blank?

If your GIF is posting to your wall blank, without a thumbnail photo, or its not playing- your GIF may be too large.  We have found that Facebook doesn't like to display GIFs that are larger than 8mb.  Check the size of your GIF and perhaps lower the output settings. Aiming for 4-5MB is good.

Does Facebook have information on 360 viewing?

You can read the article HERE for information on Facebooks 360 viewing features. You can use this same 360 feature to view VR360 media.

When you post a video to Facebook from a Microsite...

You MUST enter something in the comments box (It cannot be blank). Comments must be entered to prevent Facebook from marking posts as spam.

Why won't Facebook sharing work on my iPad?
If you’ve installed the Facebook App on your iPad, that is most likely interfering with the full functionality of Photo Party Upload. Uninstall the Facebook App before using Photo Party Upload -- Facebook is then free to interface quickly and easily with Photo Party Upload.