It is possible to run an event offline so long as you have thoroughly set it up online beforehand.  At the event you will only be able to use printing in real time, and only e-mail and text will queue and you can 'resend' them from the helper next time you are connected to the internet. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter sharing will not work or queue if you are not connected to the internet.)

First, make sure to set up all desired settings in event manager ( Then, ensure you've saved the settings to your hard drive so that they can load into PPU without internet in an emergency if necessary (click Download Settings next to your event in event manager once you've set it up).

Now you can sign into Photo Party Upload Helper (make sure that stay signed in is checked) and load the event as you normally would, all before going offline.

You should be fine to run the event offline at this point, knowing you have the event settings saved as a backup to import into Photo Party Upload helper if necessary and all the settings already setup on your system.

BE SURE TO TEST:  Turn your internet off and test this at home or your office before leaving for your event to ensure you have set everything up properly.

***You can also opt to use our Default Event, JUST PRINTING if you will not be sharing to email, SMS, or social media. See below for details: