What type of files do Page Designs use?
Page Designs can have a JPG background and a PNG overlay. These are whatever size you want your photos to be. In most cases, you'll make these either 1200x1800 (4x6 portrait) or 1800x1200 (6x4 landscape). 2x6 Strips are usually 600 x 1800. The PNG overlay should be saved as a non-interlaced PNG file at 300 DPI (transparent where you want the photo to show through).

If you're using a DNP printer, sometimes you can have better results by accounting for printer bleed in your graphics. For example, 6x4 layouts should be created at 1844x1240 resolution.

Do you have generic Page Designs that I can use?

Yes! Every copy of Photo Booth Upload includes several Generic Page Designs. If you don't see them, open PBU Settings and in the upper right corner you should see a button named Restore Generic Settings. Click that and all the generic graphics files will be restored. If you select the "Keep Both" option, you will NOT lose any graphics files you have added to PBU. We also release promotional graphics available for download HERE.