In this tutorial you'll learn how to Activate and Transfer a PBU license.  If you have not yet purchased and License, please refer to our buying and managing guide in our Event Manager section here

Please also review our Photo Booth Upload License Policy located HERE.

You can download the PBU software HERE

Activate a PBU License

Open up your PBU software.


Click S to go settings (you can also triple click the bottom right corner).


Click Enter New License


Enter your Photo Party Upload account credentials in the PPU Account Login section.

PC Name will be the name of the PC in Windows.

Under Description, enter a description of your PC that will help you identify it in your list of licenses on the Event Manager website.

Copy in your redeem code, and click Activate:


Congrats! Your license is activated:

Transfer a License

Please review our Photo Booth Upload License Policy located HERE.

To transfer a license you must first Deactivate the license on your old PC.


Open PBU Settings by clicking S on your keyboard.


On the bottom right corner of the Preferences tab you'll see the License box.


Click Enter New License and a pop up window should appear in the center of your screen. Click Deactivate current License and the Yes in the confirmation window.



That's it for the old computer. In the License section of PBU Preferences, your duration should now be Trial.

Open PBU on your new computer and follow the steps to activate PBU from the first section of this tutorial. You can find your redeem code in your original email when you purchased PBU, or on the Event Manager webpage in the Photo Booth Upload Licenses section.

Please Note: You cannot transfer a license from an INFINITE or VENTURE booth. Only licenses purchased for the web version of Photo Booth Upload can be transferred. Licenses included with our booths are pre-activated and non-transferable. If you sell your booth, the new owner must pay a license transfer fee of $699. The fee will cover the cost of disabling the old license, creating a new license (so it can be paired with the new owner's account), installing it, and providing future tech support.

Congratulations!  You have successfully Activated and transferred a license.