This tutorial will cover the steps of buying and managing your Photo Booth Upload License. Follow along below.

Buy a PBU License

You can Buy a Photo Booth Upload License from two places.


From our Photo Booth Upload website which can be found HERE.


You can also purchase a license from your Event Manager Account at

When you buy your license, you will receive your redeem code and the link to download PBU (also sent to you in an e-mail).


Once you have your redeem code and link to download PBU, download and launch PBU. You can redeem your license on the Preferences tab of PBU Settings. If you need assistance on how to redeem your code, please refer to our Activate License tutorial HERE.

Manage your Licenses


You can view all of your Activated licenses and Redeem Codes in your Event Manager Account.


Login to your account at  There you will see a variety of green tabs at top of the screen.  Select Photo Booth upload Licenses.


This menu will display all your active PBU licenses and will appear like so:

Note: For Annual license, you can activate and deactivate your license on a new computer 3 times over the course of your yearlong license.

For Lifetime licenses, you can activate and deactivate your license on a new computer 3 times over the first three years of your license (you can keep using the license after that, you just won't be able to move it again).

Note 2: License and Redeem codes will not appear on the Event Manager until they have been activated for the first time.

License FAQ

I have a license that will expire, what time does it expire exactly?

Licenses expire after exactly the active period. A weekly license activated noon on Sunday will expire at noon the next Sunday.

Can I transfer my PBU license to another computer?

A Photo Booth Upload license may only be transferred 3 times. Each license is meant to "live" on the computer in which it is activated. The only reason you should need to transfer a license is when you purchase a new computer, or your old computer ceases to function.

If I deactivate a license can a I put another one on the same computer?

Deactivating Photo Booth Upload will make that computer unable to accept a new license.

Can I transfer my license to another PPU account?

Once activated, a Photo Booth Upload license cannot be transferred between PPU accounts. The only time this is acceptable is when an entire booth is being sold. If the booth, computer, and license are being sold as a package, we can manually transfer the license. This requires us to disable the old license, then make a new one for the new owner.

Congratulations!  You now know where to purchase your licenses and how to manage them. Yahoo!