PPU Resender allows you to create spreadsheets of emails from past events, and to resend photos and videos to those emails. This is useful if you did not have Collect User Data enabled in your event or you need to resend images to emails with different settings.

If you are resending emails and text messages, you must have an active event selected in the Helper. The resender will use the settings in the selected event to send your messages. The most common practice is to copy your old event, set the date to today's date, and make any changes that you deem appropriate. Submit the event, refresh the Helper, and make sure that event is selected before using the Resender app. You will incur normal sharing charges when using the Resender.


Download PPU Resender HERE as an exe or HERE as a zip.


Extract PPUResend.exe and run it.


The Logs folder field will default to Photo Party Helper Logs folder found on your computer. You can Browse to select a different folder if you have output Helper logs to another location. Select the date of the event from which you want to recover or resend emails:



With the date of the appropriate event selected, click Open. The emails sent on this date will display in the Email tab in the field below. Check the boxes of the emails that you want to include:



Click Save Emails to create a .CSV file on your computer. Click Save Unique Url's to save URLs  from microsites. Click Send to resend the email or SMS with the listed file: 


Note: These emails will send through the event that is currently selected in your Helper.


Users' email addresses will display in the tabs of any sharing method that they use.

Note: If users enter multiple email addresses for different accounts in a single sharing session, the initial email address will display. You can resend to these emails or SMS numbers using the method above:



Congrats!  You now know how to resend your media