If you're using the Photoshop Action Filter in PBU and are encountering problems, please follow these steps.


Make sure the Photoshop Action works within Photoshop by itself. Open a jpg file in Photoshop and run the Action. If it does not complete, then you may have to re-record and export it.


Make sure your PS Action is recorded with the background layer set to Layer 0. Because of the complicated rules regarding layer transparency in Photoshop, some Actions will not function with PBU if the background layer is locked. Before you record your Action, make sure you unlock the background layer and that it is named Layer 0.


Close Photoshop, PBU, and PBU Processor. PBU Processor runs in the system tray, and can be closed by right-clicking the icon and selecting Exit.


Delete the Photoshop Action file in Windows.


Open Photoshop and export the Action again.


Open PBU and import the newly exported Photoshop Action. Double check that the version of Photoshop selected in PBU is the same as your version of Photoshop. If not, select the proper version, close PBU, PBU Processor, and Photoshop, and then restart PBU.


Try to run the Photoshop Action Filter in PBU. If you never see a processing wheel and the session completes, you have to follow a few more steps.


Close PBU, PBU Processor, and Photoshop.


In Windows, open the Photoshop install folder and open the sub-folder Required\Plug-Ins\Extensions. Find the file named ScriptingSupport.8li


Open another window, open the PBU install folder and open the Photoshop sub-folder. Find the executable file named regtlibv12.exe


With both windows open side by side, drag-and-drop ScriptingSupport.8li from step 9 on top of the executable regtlibv12.exe


Open PBU and Photoshop and try your Action again.