After enabling Flipbook Printing in your event, you'll be able to adjust some settings in the FlipBook Printing tab of PPU Helper. This is where you can adjust the Printer, Page Settings, Cutting guides, and create a Flip Style Video for your Flipbooks. There are many other options and we'll review them below. If you have not yet enabled Flipbook printing for your Event, check out our Flipbook tutorial HERE.


Flipbook Printer

This section allows you to select a printer you would like to use specifically for Flipbook Printing by checking the associated box.  Press the Configure button to access the settings of the particular printer you have highlighted.

Flipbook Page Settings

This section lets you adjust the margins of the printed pages, frames, and the aspect ratio of the printed frames.

Page Margins (pixels): Adjust the margin of the entire printed page. Will shrink each frame so they all still fit within the margin.

In the example below, the original page without any margin is on top, and a page with a 200 pixel top margin is on the bottom:

Frame Margin (pixels): Adjusts the margin around each individual frame. The example below has a 50 pixel frame margin:

Set Frame Aspect Ratio: Manually adjust the frame aspect ratio. The example below started as a 5:4 video, but the Flipbook aspect ratio was set to 16:9:

Flip Style Video

A Flip Style Video will save your flipbook frames as a video that your guests can share. It essentially creates a lower frame count video of your original file. It is not necessary to create a flip video, and this option is usually turned off.

Save Flip Video: Check this to save your Flip video.

Save Flip Video to different folder: Check this to have your flip video save to a different folder. Choose Browse to select a different file path destination.

Save as GIF: Check this for your Flip video to save as a GIF.

Cutting Guides

Cutting Guides will add thin black lines to your prints, separating your frames to make them easier to cut.

Image Aspect Ratio: The standard aspect ratio for flip books is 5:4. You are welcome to use other aspect ratios, but be aware that when these images are resized in the printed flipbook, there may be a border around the image. If you want to add an overlay graphic to the flipbook when sharing, the maximum dimensions would be 1350 x 1080.

You're now familiar with the Flipbook tab of PPU Helper.