Enable Background Removal allows the ability to remove the background and replace it, with or without the use of a green screen. Follow the tips below for tutorials on this feature.

Note:  A charge of $12.00 will be added to your invoice for the use of the Background Removal Feature if you're on either the Pay Per Upload or Pay Per Event package.


Create a new Event or open an existing event from your account at login.photopartyupload.com.


In your Event settings, select the Extras menu, then select the Graphics tab, and turn on Enable Background Removal.  It will appear like so:


Once enabled, select an image from the Background Image drop down menu, or Select Upload a File to add a new background image. This will allow you to browse your computer and select any image you would like to use as your background.

If you would like to different options for backgrounds at your event, select Add background removal graphic and repeat the step.  This section will appear like so:


With a photo uploaded, you'll see a preview of your image with the options to add an Overlay graphic (PNG format with transparency) and adjust placement for Portrait or Landscape images. If desired, add an overlay image the same way we added a background file in step 3.

The Portrait or Landscape buttons will allow you to adjust the placement of your photos on the background, whether they are in portrait or landscape orientation. Choosing Portrait will display a single black stick figure which represents where your photo will appear. If you choose Landscape, 3 black stick figures will appear. You can drag, resize, and rotate the placeholders to adjust the space in which your guests will appear. It will appear like so:


If you are uploading more than one background option, you can assign one image to be the default background in place for all photos in Landscape orientation, and assign another background to be the default for images that are in Portrait orientation. To set an image to be the default background for Landscape, click the Landscape button above the desired image, then check the box that says "Use as default." Repeat the same process for the desired Portrait background.


Once you have uploaded your images and made any other desired changes to your Event, select Submit and Accept the Terms and Conditions to finalize your Event.

You did it!  You have now enabled Background Removal for your event.  Now we need to learn how to activate it within PPU Kiosk.  Check out the rest of the tutorial in our PPU Kiosk section HERE.