We have marketing material and promotional PBU files that are available for you to share with your clients the type of activation's that can be created using PBU. Additionally you can go head and create your own samples with some of our promotional graphics we have available. Check out the sections below.

Marketing Materials

Coming Soon!

Promotional PBU Files

Over the years we've released a few promotional .pbu files free for our users. They contain GIFs, Page Designs, custom buttons, etc., that you are free to use at any event. Follow the link HERE to download these promotional PBU files.



Here are some general tips to keep in mind while navigating the promotional folder for new graphics:

If the file is in a .PBU format, you can import the file to your Photo Booth Upload software. Follow the importing and exporting tutorial HERE for further information.

If the file is a .JPEG it can be used as a background.

If the file is a .PNG it can be used as an overlay (as well as for buttons).


Please Note: The following graphics are merely examples of some of the promotional graphics we have released. They are not to be used for marketing purposes.