There are many features to PPU and PBU with lots of varying specifications. Below we have listed a variety of dimensions and sizes that correspond with various features and graphics throughout the products. Ultimately the best options may vary depending on your particular setup, but we have found the dimensions to below to be adequate for our purposes.

Green Screen Backgrounds/Overlay: 1800 x 1200 at 300dpi for 6 x 4

Photo Strip Background/Overlay in Page Designer: 600 x 1800 for a 2 x 6 strip. In Page Designer, set the page size to 4 x 6, then check the box labeled Create Photo Strip.

GIF Sizes when using 1800 x 1200 GS

    Large - 1200 x 800

    Medium - 600 x 400

    Small - 300 x 200

Please Note: The small, medium, and large sizes for GIF will not affect printing if using the Print Full Size option in the settings of your event.

Burst GIF files: 1800 x 1200. If you experience lag using this resolution, smaller Burst GIF files are good for improving the Burst capture rate. Depending on the frames and computer power, 900 x 600 is decent and can create good prints at 150 dpi.

Default Burst GIF graphics are 720x480 to reduce size of the install package. But it is not a great size for printing. Higher res graphics are available upon request.

Splash Screen / Welcome Videos: Should match screen resolution. Typically 1920 x 1080 (INFINITE) or 800 x 1280 (VENTURE).

Video overlays:  Should match your video resolution. Typically 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720

Aspect ratio for Videos (depending on camera video resolution): 16:9

Print resolution (configured within Windows properties): 300 dpi

Custom Back, Done, Accept, Edit Photo Buttons, etc. in PBU: 315x102 at 100% size. Recommend larger files in case you enlarge the buttons in PBU

Custom Home Button in PBU: 90 x 90 at 100% size. Recommend larger files in case you enlarge the buttons in PBU

Custom Share Buttons in PBU and PPU: The bounding box for each Share button on a 1080p monitor is technically 709 x 118.  Any common graphic file in a rectangular shape or other shapes with transparency will work. Buttons will be automatically re-sized to fit.

Custom Back Button in PPU: 180 x 75

Custom Done Button in PPU: 525 x 120

Additional information about adding Customizable Buttons in PBU can be found HERE

Unique URL Header Image: Should not be wider than 940 pixels

VR360: Background and overlay graphics need to be Lat/long 1:2 aspect ratio. 4096 x 2048 resolution (which will stretch to a sphere). For 3D, background and overlay graphics need to be in over/under format, essentially doubling the size of your graphics. We use 4096x4096 resolution.

iPad aspect ratio and background file size:

4:3 (1.33) aspect ratio. Recommended 1280x1072 for background file dimensions


Aspect ratio should be 5:4 to fill the page top tp bottom. Other resolutions (like16:9) will be wider, but have white borders above and below.


Usually 600px in width

Microsite Background:

Background graphic for the unique URL is usually 1920 by 1800 but if you're doing custom html, then the graphic can be resize and readjusted to your liking.