How much does PPU cost?

Check out our pricing breakdown HERE.

Is it going to cost a lot to set up all the peripherals?

No! We find that most photographers already own the essential equipment -- a camera, a laptop PC (or Mac running Boot Camp), and other photography software and accessories. Other than that, the only other investment needed is an iPad or Windows Tablet -- and Photo Party Upload only requires that it be a WiFi-accessible (not 3G or 4G) device with minimal hard drive space. We’re always finding great deals on eBay and  And, of course, the Photo Party Upload App and Photo Party Helper are free to download and FREE to use for two weeks -- after which, you have options beginning at only $0.10 per upload (to Facebook, Twitter, and Email)! Printing is always free! Photo Party Upload is designed to maximize your revenue stream while integrating into your workflow with no disruption -- a win-win situation!