Yes! You can sign up for a 2-week free trial HERE!

In order to use Photo Booth Upload, you will be required to create a Photo Party Upload (PPU) account on We offer a free trial of PPU, as well, but please note that creating a PPU account requires a valid credit card. This card will not be charged for the duration of the 2-week free trials of PPU, but please review the PPU pricing information that will begin to apply after the 2-week trial has concluded.

The two week free trial of PBU begins with your first launch of the software.

The two week free trial of PPU begins when you register.

Once your Photo Booth Upload (PBU) trial ends, you can continue using the program by clicking Try at launch. However, every photo/GIF/video you make will have a Photo Party Upload watermark over it. You will not incur any charges and there is no need to cancel. 

If you decide you wish to purchase a PBU License, login your Photo Party Upload account and click HERE.