Are there any limits to posting videos to Instagram?

Videos posted to Instagram must be more than 3 seconds long and less than 60 seconds long. Also, videos that are too "jerky" (like many videos made from GIFs) may be rejected by Instagram.  Remember, at this point in time, our Instagram sharing is in a perpetual beta mode.

Why aren't my Instagram hashtags searchable?

Unfortunately, hashtags uploaded to Instagram via any third party app such as our Photo Party Upload software are not currently able to be indexed. This is an ongoing issue with Instagram that they are aware of, and will hopefully be looking to modify in the future. For now, your photos will appear with their hashtag captions, but these hashtags will not be indexed into the greater hashtag database.  Click HERE to read an article discussing the issue in detail. 

Why aren't my GIFs posting to Instagram?

Unfortunately Instagram's parameters do not allow the hosting of native GIFs (GIFs showing up directly on the news feed). We've gotten around this by selecting unique url in event manager, which produces a microsite that hosts your shared media OR by saving your GIF as a video.

Here's how:

  • In the GIF tab in the Photo Booth Upload Program, select create new GIF.
  • In the top right of the window that opens, click Configure Video.
  • In the window that opens select the only option, Save as video.

PLEASE NOTE: Instagram will reject videos it sees as "choppy," so we suggest taking many photos or using an animated overlay. Also, setting your GIF to take 4 photos at 2 fps for 8 loops seems to help get your video on Instagram.