Why are my GIFs so small and blurry?

Double-check the selected "Image Size" option in the GIF Settings window of the GIF tab in PBU. Smaller image sizes will process faster, but will have generally lower image quality. Please note that "Image Size" will override the size of any additional graphics (such as overlays or backgrounds). Having a large graphic and a smaller GIF won't present issues, but if the GIF output is larger than the overlay or background graphic resolution, those graphics may appear blurry when blown up.

To review, things that can affect GIF quality are:

  1. Green screen background size (if using green screen)
  2. GIF size setting in the GIF settings tab
  3. If saving as video, the video codec and quality settings in the Video tab
  4. Also in the video tab, the video size setting. Usually best kept at 720p

Why is there no thumbnail image on my Facebook share?

If you are planning on sharing your GIFs via Facebook, keep in mind that if the final GIF file is over 7 MB, a thumbnail WILL NOT appear when on the Facebook Wall when shared.

"Page Layout" versus "Configure Page Design"

Page Designer can be used two ways with your GIF. 

  1. Configure Page Design: If you want individual frames from a particular GIF to appear in the photo holders of a page design, you'll want to use the "Configure Page Design" feature that's available in the "Edit GIF" window for each individual GIF activation. 
  2. Page Layout: If you want a series of animated GIFs to appear in one Page Design (creating a "super-GIF" where there are multiple GIFs in one layout) then you'll want to use the "Page Layout" feature in the main GIF settings tab. 

Additional details on both features can be found HERE.