As mentioned in the RFID Overview, a guest can register for an RFID event on a website before the event, or at a registration kiosk. This article will go over both methods, beginning with the website.

Part 1. Registration Website

If you would like to have your guests register their information before the event, you must create a registration page. Guests can still register for the event on site with the Registration app. If you don't want to use the pre-registration website, scroll down to part 2.


Log in to Event Manager and click the RFID Registration tab.


Click the link at the top of the page that says Add New RFID Registration.


Welcome to the registration editor! At the top, you should input a name for your RFID registration/event and a description if you think it will be helpful.

Below that, you will see fields for Email From, Email Subject, and Email Template. This section will allow you to customize the email that is sent after a guest finishes their registration. It will include the confirmation code that they must enter at the registration kiosk at the event.

By default, you can edit the content of the email with the WYSIWYG editor. If you want to use an HTML template instead, check the box labeled Disable HTML Editor. In both your HTML code and the WYSIWYG editor, the tag [[USER_CODE]] will be where the guests confirmation code appears.

Fill out the required fields, and scroll down to the Registration Template section.


If you don't enter anything into the Registration Template box, your registration page will use our default template that looks like this:

You can use your own template/design by modifying our default template. The template HTML can be found HERE.

Note: On our web registration page, each guest will have fill out their info, click Save and then click Submit.


After crafting your registration page, click the Save button at the bottom of the configuration screen. You should now be brought back to the main RFID Registration tab in Event Manager.


Back in the Registration tab, you should see the registration you just set up.

Click Open under the Registration Page heading to open your page. There's your page! Copy the link of this page and send it to all your guests. They'll use that link to register for the event.


After you've sent out the link to your registration page, you can see how many people have signed up in the RFID Registration tab. Click the Download link and an Excel spreadsheet will be generated that contains the names of all the current registrants and their info.


The last step for the registration page is to associate it with your event. Go your event settings > Extras > RFID. Select your registration page from the dropdown list and submit the event. You can use the same registration page for multiple events!

Guests will now be able to connect their registration information at your event through the registration app.

Part 2. Registration App

When your guests arrive at the event, they will need to connect their RFID tag with their registration info or register from scratch. They will do all this from a PC running the Registration app and PPU Helper with your RFID event selected. You can also connect to a Helper over the local network, just like PPU Kiosk.


Download and install the Registration app from the upper right corner of the Event Manager page or from HERE.


Connect a USB RFID reader to the PC. Info about purchasing RFID tags and readers can be found in our RFID Equipment tutorial.


Make sure your RFID event is selected in your Helper, and launch the Registration app.


Welcome to the Registration app. You should be presented with a screen like this:

Triple click the antenna icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to open settings.


In the settings window, select your Helper from the drop down list, or click the Refresh button to search for a Helper. Your settings window should look something like this:

You'll find several options to customize your registration.

Software Background: Allows you to change the green and red bubbly background to one of your choosing.

Services Enabled: These will enable the share options that a guest will see when they register at this kiosk.

Use Web Registration: If enabled, will allow guests to enter their pre-registration code. Note: You cannot save a guests name and demographic information without enabling this option.

Disable User Code: The User Role Code allows you to assign roles for staff and special guests at the kiosk. These roles will differentiate each RFID tag, allowing the venue to grant access to restricted areas or check credentials by scanning the RFID tag.

Unlock RFID User Role Code: Using the code entered here will unlock the role selector, and allow an attendant to assign a role other than the default "Guest."

Click OK to return to the main screen.


Swipe an RFID tag over the connected reader. If successful, the reader should beep, and you'll be presented with the next screen.


If you enabled Use Web Registration (and set up a registration web page), you'll see a field to enter in the guests registration code, and buttons in the upper left to register a new guest.

After your guest enters the registration code they got on their email, they'll be presented with what looks like a share screen with their name at the top. The options that they completed on the registration page will have a green check mark next to it, and the options they didn't complete will have a red X.

They can edit the options they already completed, add info to the options they didn't complete, or click Done to finish their registration. They can then use their RFID tag at the event!

If you click Register New in the upper left of the screen, your guest will be able to add their name and demographic info:

This is also where you can assign those special roles we mentioned in step 5. To do so, click the Unlock button and enter the Unlock RFID User Role Code. You can then select the special role from the drop down menu.

Note: We are unable to assign special roles to guests or employees on the pre-registration web page. Special guests or employees must register in person at a Kiosk.

When they're done, click OK and they'll see the same share screen as the other guest who completed their pre-registration.

If you didn't enable Use Web Registration, your guest will be presented with that "share" screen after swiping their RFID tag. The guest will click each option and enter in their info. They are not required to configure each one.

Note: You cannot save a guests' name and demographic information without using the web registration option. You must have the pre-registration page configured and selected in your event settings to save their name and demographic info. Your guests will still be able to save their sharing information (email address, phone number, and social media credentials), but all sharing Kiosks must be connected to the Helper in which the registration was made to be able to use it.


Once each of your guests completes each item and then clicks Done, their information will be paired with their RFID tag and they can quickly share at the event!

That's it for registration! Be sure to have a look at our PBU RFID and Kiosk RFID tutorials to learn how to configure each one for RFID sharing.