If you want to record audio along with your video in PBU, you can set up your audio options in Camera settings (for webcam) or in the camera itself (for DSLR).

When recording video with Webcam...

Many webcams, including those included with our INFINITE and VENTURE booths, have built-in microphones. You can select this microphone, or any other audio input device available in Windows, using the "Audio Device" dropdown in Camera Settings.


Connect your desired audio device to your PC and make sure that it is powered on.


Launch PBU and open Settings (pressing "S" on the keyboard from the Home screen, or triple tapping the lower-right corner).


Navigate to the Camera tab.


Select Webcam to view the settings for that device.


Select the desired audio device from the drop-down menu. If you do not see your device listed, double-check that it is powered on and available, and that any relevant drivers are installed in Windows (if necessary). If it still doesn't appear, try restarting PBU.


Note that you can adjust your record volume right there in Camera Settings.

When recording video with Canon DSLR...

When PBU records video using DSLR, it must save the content to the camera's memory card first, before transferring it to the Windows PC for further processing by PBU. As a result, the audio must be captured by the camera, as well. Therefore, any external microphone or audio input devices must be connected to the DSLR camera directly.

This audio will be automatically captured and saved along with the video when captured by DSLR. We recommend testing your levels and adjusting them using either the microphone or the camera's settings in order to ensure the best quality output.