Q: What is Photo Party Upload (PPU)?

A: Photo Party Upload (PPU) is a powerful tool that lets your guests post their photos, GIFs, and videos to email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Instagram directly from your photo booth or from a nearby tablet. Photo Party Upload (PPU) can also collect valuable user data and statistics that you can access in real time from any computer. Click here to learn more about Photo Party Upload (PPU) and the associated costs.

Q:How does Photo Party Upload (PPU) work with Photo Booth Upload (PBU)?

A: Photo Party Upload (PPU) integrates seamlessly with Photo Booth Upload (PBU) to handle all of the social media sharing at events. Photo Booth Upload (PBU) is the software that allows your booth to take the coolest photos (Green Screen, Morph, Gif, and more). Photo Party Upload (PPU) allows the guest to take those images and share them on social media from your booth or wirelessly from iPads and tablets.  For additional explanation of the difference, click HERE.

Q: How Much Does Photo Party Upload (PPU) Cost?

A: We have multiple plans to suit your business. 

  • Basic- $0.10 Per Upload
  • Pro -$30 Per Event
  • Advanced - $300 per Month
  • Business- $2500 Per Year

Q: Why do I need to pay for Photo Party Upload (PPU) if I am already buying Photo Booth Upload (PBU)?

A: We believe in creating partners instead of customers. When you become a Photo Party Upload user, your success is linked to our success. We have every incentive to make sure you are out working at events and doing uploads as much as possible and with the best technology available so that you can out compete your competition. Since we get paid by you when you are out working events and doing uploads, we have every incentive to make sure to give you the best tech support in the industry and to help you, our partner, to be on the cutting edge of photo marketing and entertainment. We got your back!

Q: Do I have to use PPU with PBU?

A: Yes

Q: What hardware do I need to use for PBU & PPU?

A: For PBU you need a camera and a computer...


Canon DSLR's or
Computer Webcams

Computer Specifications:

The minimum required specs for Photo Booth Upload are an Intel Pentium G860 @ 3GHZ with 4GB ram and at least Windows 7 x32.
Recommended specs for Green Screen Video are Intel Core i7 @ 3 GHz with 8 GB RAM and Windows 10 x64

For PPU, the helper can be used with any camera tethered to a computer and PPU Kiosk can be used on any IPad or Windows tablet.

Q:  Where can I get more info?

A: https://laphotoparty.com/ or from the home page of our support site HERE.