If you suddenly find your booth to be without power -- it's not responding or turning on even though it's plugged in properly -- then you might have blown a fuse.

Some (though not all) of our booths use a power fuse in their design. If this fuse blows, it can be replaced. We even provided an extra fuse with your booth.

1. Unplug the booth from the power source, and it's a good idea to turn the power switch to the "Off" position, as well -- unlike in the pictures below.

If you think you might have blown the fuse, open your booth and check the plug-in port.

On the INFINITE this can be located by opening the back door and looking directly to the left of the central column, in the plug-in panel. 

On the VENTURE this is can be located by opening the left door (from the front). It's part of the plug in port bracket.

2. Remove the fuse compartment tab by gently using your finger (or a flat-head screwdriver).

Remember, the fuse may have blown, so please proceed with caution.

3. Check to see if the fuse is still intact. If it is broken, carefully remove and discard the fuse.

You can find your backup fusin the same compartment in the storage slot:

4. Replace the bad fuse with the new one, and reinsert the fuse compartment.

5. Switch the power switch on the plug to off, plug in the power, and switch it on. You should now be able to turn on your booth PC.

If you want to purchase additional backup fuses, they are 250V 10A Fast-Blowing Quick-Acting Glass Tube Fuses (5x20mm).

You can buy them here, from Amazon.

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