You're almost ready to start instantly creating and sharing awesome photos at your parties and events! Here are a few steps before we get started:

Photo Booth Upload License Activation

Step 1: Download and install Photo Booth Upload from here.

Step 2: Download and install the Photo Party Upload Helper to run on your photo booth or laptop.

Step 3: Open Photo Booth Upload by double clicking the pink icon

Step 4: If License activation window does not open... Press S to open settings, and click on Enter New License on the bottom right corner of the settings screen.

Step 5: Enter your Photo Party Upload account credentials in the PPU Account Login section:

PC Name will be the name of the PC in Windows.
Under Description, enter a description of your PC that will help you identify it in your list of licenses on the Event Manager website.
Copy in your Redeem code, and click Activate.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to start taking some awesome photos!

Be sure to download the Photo Booth Upload User Guide and check out our Photo Booth Upload Getting Started tutorials.

Remember: You can always press S or triple click in the bottom right corner of the screen to get to settings.

Manage your Licenses

You can view all of your activated licenses and redeem codes in your Event Manager account, under the Photo Booth Upload Licenses tab.

Please review our Photo Booth Upload License Policy located HERE.

Note: Licenses and redeem codes will not appear on the Event Manager until they have been activated for the first time.

Next Steps:
If you haven’t used Photo Party Upload in the past – Create Your First Event.
If you have any issues, need help, or want to see our feature tutorials, click Solutions at the top of this page. You can also email specific questions to us at