You can easily change the font size for your disclaimer in PBU!

NOTE: This option is not available in the PPU Kiosk application, and changes made in PBU will not be reflected in the Kiosk view of the disclaimer.

When using Photo Booth Upload in conjunction with Photo Party Upload, you may opt to include a disclaimer for your guests. By default, the disclaimer (when enabled in Event Manager) will appear when the guest has selected a share option, or (by checking the "Show disclaimer before capture" option in the Preferences tab of PBU) the disclaimer can be displayed after the activation is selected.

If you want to change the font size if your disclaimer in PBU, you can do so in the "Misc." tab of PBU settings.


Enter PBU settings with the "S" (or other designated key) on your keyboard, or by triple-clicking in the bottom, right-hand corner of the Home screen.


Navigate to the "Misc." tab.


Click the button that reads "Edit Custom Buttons" in the Advanced Option pane.


Select the "Other Buttons 2" tab at the top of the Edit Custom Buttons window, and you'll find the Disclaimer Font Size option at the bottom.


As always, be sure to click OK in this window, and OK in the Settings overall to save your changes in PBU.