This guide will explain the various functions of the Photo Moderation Tab.

If you are familiar with the Photo Moderation Tab and would like to know more about how to use it with Hashtags, please click here.

The Photo Moderation Tab utilizes the Waiting and Watched Folder. Here is where you can do moderation of photos and determining which image gets to be placed on the live digital mosaic.

1. Image Selection: There are two display windows within this section. On the left, it display images that are in the waiting room folder. On the right, it display images that are in the watched folder. To move images from the waiting room folder on the left to the watched folder on the right, simply drag and drops them from the left to the right. If you check the option "Ask for move confirmation", when you drag an image from the left to the right, the software will prompt you for confirmation before moving it from the waiting room folder to the watched folder.

2. File Types: This section allows you to specify what type of images can be used in the live digital mosaic. You can specify up to 6 image file types.

3. Watched Folder Options: This section has two features: Include Subfolders and Show Placed Images. If you check the "Include Subfolders" option, any sub folder of images located within the watched folder will also be used in the build up of the live mosaic activation. "Show Placed Images" will refresh the watched folder display in the Image Selection section, showing a checkbox with a check mark next to each image that has been placed onto the live digital mosaic.

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